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Story of the narcissus

The narcissus is a white flower that grows on the heights of the Auvergne. 

This flower is named after Narcissus, one of the most beautiful men in Greece. The gods decided that he could never look at his reflection. But after he rejected a lover, the gods condemned him to see his reflection and fall in love with her. One day he tried to kiss his reflection in the water and drowned, and was transformed into a flower. 

The petals are inclined towards the waterways, like Narcissus looking at his reflection in the stream. The flower is also named for its beauty and toxicity. 

The narcissus is a bulbous flower that blooms in spring. This flower symbolises the end of winter. There are many different types of narcissus, the daffodil is a variety of narcissus, a yellow flower that can easily be found in our gardens.

Narcissus flowers in the Auvergne heights, on the Aubrac plateau, Monts du Cantal or Mont-Dore. As for harvesting, the perfume is mainly concentrated in the flowers, so only the heads of the flowers should be picked. This avoids cutting the stems or other species. After harvesting, the flowers are transformed into concrete by extraction with a volatile solvent. The concrete is then transformed into narcissus absolute by dissolving it in alcohol, filtering it and concentrating it under vacuum. It takes 1500 to 2000kg of flowers to obtain 1kg of narcissus absolute from Auvergne. 

This flower does not have a floral smell. It has an aromatic, almost hay-like scent. Discover this local flora in Eden Volcanique. This raw material has been worked into the heart notes. 

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