Poécile, the scientific name for the titmouse
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Poécile, the scientific name for the titmouse

Poecile is a genus of sloths that includes species of chickadees. What is the titmouse? 

The titmouse is a small, very active bird with a short beak. 

She is very sociable and curious. She loves to discover new places and is always challenging herself to get food. It feeds on seeds, insects and also on some fruits. She also helps to control processionary caterpillars. In short, she takes care of our garden!

Chickadees are generally monogamous and choose their males in spring according to courtship criteria. 

Within the large family of chickadees, there are a multitude of tits with the most enigmatic names: white-browed tit, mourning tit, bibbed tit or even great tit. But the one we see most in our gardens in France is the blue tit. Some will see in its plumage the colors of the ASM, the emblematic rugby club of the Auvergne region. A region that we have honoured with Eden Volcanique

The titmouse, a curious, agile and daring bird. What better symbol could we have given to our Poécile perfume brand? The titmouse travels through the air, just like the perfume. It is from this adventurous soul that Poécile is inspired to take you on a journey through our regions of France. Much more than perfumes that smell good, perfumes that take you away! 

Poécile, Here begins your olfactory adventure


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