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Which fragrance to choose for summer?

For summer, it's usually fresh, tangy notes that are in demand, like notes that remind you of vacation. And thanks to citrus and marine notes, you can take a stroll in the sunshine of the French Riviera or the seaside of Brittany.

The lightness and freshness of summer fragrances stand out. Unlike winter scents, which are often richer and more opulent, summer fragrances are created to be airy and revitalizing. 

 The French Riviera

Citrus fruits are the origin of citrus notes, named after the Hesperides, the nymphs of Greek mythology who watch over the gardens of the gods where the golden apple grows. These notes are renowned for their burst of freshness and vitality.

So if you're looking for pep's, sunshine and olfactory vitamins : Hespérides Idylliques will be the ideal fragrance for you. It's a perfect blend of mandarin, lemon and mimosa. It's a fragrance that will transport you to the French Riviera, to the sun with its citrus notes and its sweet note of calisson d'Aix and limoncello.

eau de parfum Hespérides Idylliques

In perfumery, marine notes, sometimes referred to as aquatic accords, are relatively recent. They aspire to capture the nature of the ocean, the sea breeze and the salty air.


So if you're more of a beach-goer, enjoying the fresh ocean air, let yourself be carried away by Bleu Asgard. It's the perfume that will make you travel by spray on the Breton coasts in order to find its notes, iodized with a touch of grapefruit and cardamom to feel this freshness throughout the day.

eau de parfum Bleu Asgard

So choose your destination for this summer between the freshness of the ocean and the pep of the Côte d'Azur.


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