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Antibes under Monet's paintbrush

At Poécile, we also draw our inspiration from painting. 



Claude Monet's Fort d'Antibes


Let me paint you a picture of the landscape we immersed ourselves in to createHespérides Idylliques, the fragrance inspired by the French Riviera. 

"Dear travel journal,

Today, my steps have led me to the Mediterranean, to the picturesque town of Antibes, where Impressionist artist Claude Monet found the inspiration for an iconic work. I have the honour of immersing myself in the magic of "Antibes", a painting that captures the very essence of this Mediterranean port.

When my eyes land on the canvas, I am instantly transported to the gentle sunshine of the French Riviera. "Antibes" presents a vibrant marine panorama, where the masts of sailing ships stand proud against the azure sky. Shades of blue, green and yellow blend with impressionistic delicacy, creating a visual symphony that exudes Mediterranean atmosphere.

The animated port is the heart of the work. The boats, their shapes blurred by the rippling reflections of the water, seem to dance to the rhythm of the sea breeze. Monet captured the ephemeral movement of the sea and its inhabitants, blending them harmoniously with the landscape.

The town itself stands in the background, its ramparts bearing witness to Antibes' rich historical heritage. The red-tiled roofs and ochre facades blend with the green hills, creating a visual composition rich in detail. Monet succeeded in conveying the warm, Mediterranean atmosphere that characterises Antibes.

Light, the central element of Impressionism, is captured in masterly fashion. The play of light and shadow on the façades of the buildings and the reflections on the water give the canvas exceptional depth and vibrancy. It's as if the sun were shining directly from the canvas, illuminating the scene with a captivating glow.

Looking at Monet's quick, expressive brushstrokes, I realise just how well the artist captured the precise moment of his visit to Antibes. The impressionist technique gives the canvas an almost abstract quality, leaving the viewer free to interpret and feel the scene in their own way.

"Monet's Antibes" is much more than a realistic representation of the landscape. It's an immersion in the enchanting atmosphere of the Mediterranean, a moment frozen in time where art and nature meet. My discovery of this work transported me to the sunny streets of Antibes, offering a window onto the timeless beauty of this Mediterranean destination."




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