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Lemon festival in Menton

The lemon festival was born in 1875 and takes place in the south-east of France. The lemon festival in Menton is a traditional celebration that takes place every winter. 

Here are several types of lemon. Yellow lemons are the best known.

The Eureka lemon is the most widely cultivated in the world. It is round, has a thin skin, is very acidic and has few seeds.The fino lemon is recognisable by its oval shape and small tail, and can be found from October to January. Limoni Hivernaleis a lemon found only in winter. It is round, with a thin skin and few seeds.

Then there's the Meyer lemon, whose skin and flesh are yellow and orange because it's a cross between an orange and a mandarin orange. This lemon is very juicy, with a very strong smell and a milder juice. It can be found all year round.

The Caviar lemon is long and thin. Its skin is dark green. This lemon is rare, growing in the forests of Australia.

And also, the Buddha's hand! This lemon is remarkable for its shape. Its skin is very thick and its fragrant flesh is compact and not very juicy.

And Yuzu!It's a cross between tangerine and lemon.  

And lots more...


🔍Why use lemon in perfume?

Lemon is used to bring freshness to our fragrances. The lemon accord generally brings a sunny, gourmand touch to our fragrances.



Nose perfumers can therefore orient their lemon accord according to their desires and creativity.

That's how we used lemon in our 100% made in France Hespérides IdylliquesTo give a more creative aspect to this fragrance, we worked with a  

accord limoncello. It picks up on the lemon notes at the top of this fresh fragrance.

In our Côte d'Azur-inspired fragrance,, we've combinedelemon, mandarin and bergamot in the top note.The aquatic notes add freshness to our fragrance. It's a fresh, gourmand fragrance with a calisson d'Aix accord in the base note.

Poécile, Here begins your olfactory adventure. 


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