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The Rose, Queen of Flowers

Son origine


Since ancient times, roses have been used, either in solifloras (the rose makes up the bulk of the perfume), or as a heart note combined with other essences in so-called floral perfumes, and more generally in almost half of all women's perfumes.

The rose, renowned for its exquisite fragrance, originated in Persia and has been cultivated since at least 500 BC. 


The floral fragrance in general changes with both the weather and the time of day. These flowers are harvested in early summer during the early hours of the morning, when their fragrance is at its strongest. 

Roses release their fragrance when they are ready for pollination, which happens when the flowers are half open. The fragrance is elusive and can even change in a matter of minutes, as cutting them alters the release of chemicals.


Sophisticated ingredient


Widely used in perfume formulation, Rose fragrance has a strong, floral, vaporous and dry smell.

Rose is used as a heart note, particularly suited to feminine fragrances.




An excellent fixative, it enhances the base scents of other fragrances.

It's a very fine floral scent, timeless and elegant. Rosy notes can be combined with all olfactory families, whether fruity, oriental, woody, spicy or floral. 

The olfactory accord of rose is floral, romantic, delicate and feminine, highlighting soft, velvety notes. 


In short, rose is a key note in perfumery. This flower is one of the noblest raw materials in perfume design. Its intense, sweet, suave scent symbolises love and passion. It can be combined with many other fragrances, offering a wide range of possibilities for discovering its essence. 


Poécile rose-based fragrances


At Poécile, eau de parfum Rose Lutèce takes you on a journey to Paris and intoxicates you with its gourmand scent. Here, rose is the heart note, combined with notes of croissants, hot chocolate, patchouli and grapefruit. 



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