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Patchouli : a perfumery staple

What is patchouli ? 


Once associated with hippie or cocotte fragrances, patchouli has become a mainstay of perfumery. Its warm, woody, complex scent allows fresher notes to emerge, particularly in chypre or oriental fragrances. It is a strong trend.   Originaire d'Asie

 From the Lamiaceae family, patchouli is an aromatic plant is native to tropical Asia, particularly Indonesia and Malaysia. It is also grown in many other countries. 

The fresh plant smells almost nothing, but its scent is released when the leaves are left to dry, preferably in the shade to prevent them from fermenting, for around 5 to 6 days.

But the special feature of its leaves is the hairs that cover them, which give off its fragrance when rubbed. 

 Sophisticated ingredient

 Patchouli is a aromatic note quite dark which brings a lot of character, sensuality and depth but it can be refreshed by citrus fruits like bergamot, it is also often associated with rose. Patchouli is found mainly in the middle notes because it enhances the depth of the fragrances. It brings sensuality to the fragrance, particularly when combined with sweet notes such as vanilla, rose or jasmine. Patchouli goes perfectly with gourmand notes.                                

In short, patchouli is an essential ingredient in the perfume industry, particularly in woody, chypre fragrances. Its sensual fragrance adds depth and character to a perfume. It is an essential sublimator in oriental compositions. 

 The patchouli-based fragrance Poécile

 In Rose Lutèce, patchouli is discovered in the heart note combined with rose and croissant to reveal all the fragrance's gourmand appeal.



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