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The golden pompons of the mimosa

The golden pompons brighten up our winter with a bloom between January and March.











To admire beautiful mimosa, go to the south of France !  The mimosa, this small tree that blooms on the Mediterranean coast. It is grown in Grasse, France,  but historically comes from Australia. It was introduced on our soil at the beginning of the 19th century. 











In perfumery, we work with the absolute of the mimosa flower which is obtained by extraction with volatile solvents of the small branches of the mimosa. Its scent is floral, warm and powdery. 

At Poécile, we are inspired by nature to create our perfumes so it is by observing the golden reflections of the mimosa in January that we decided to create our perfume Hespérides Idylliques. 



The heart note of our perfume Hespérides Idylliques is the mimosa. You can also dive into a myriad of citrus with lemon, bergamot and mandarin as top notes. The aquatic notes bring freshness to our fragrance. Also, to offer a sparkling, fresh and greedy fragrance, we created a Calisson accord in the base note. 

It is thus alongside the citrus fruits and the greed of the Calisson that our mimosa evolves within our French, vegan and sustainable perfume. 

This fragrance inspired by the French Riviera will immerse you in a zesty and comforting atmosphere. 

Poécile, Here begins your olfactory adventure


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