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Limoncello: the refreshing match

The accord that puts the sun in the bottle ? 

In the fabulous world of fragrance, every note, every accord, tells a story. And among the most captivating and meaningful accords, there's one that instantly evokes summer, sunshine and Mediterranean freshness : limoncello.

Limoncello, a traditional Italian liqueur, is made from lemon zest, alcohol, water and sugar. Its lively, refreshing taste has made it a popular summer drink the world over. But it's its fragrance that has inspired perfumers to capture its essence in a bottle.

Imagine yourself on a sunny terrace, overlooking the blue waters of the Italian coast. A gentle breeze carries aromas of ripe, sweet lemon, sunshine and acidity. It's this accord that has been captured and sublimated in our singular fragrance.

Limoncello accord in our fragrances ! 

You can find the limoncello accord in the heart note of our perfume inspired by the French Riviera : Hespérides Idylliques. When you spray Hespérides Idylliques, you're transported to the flower-filled alleys of the French Riviera, where lemon trees glisten in the Mediterranean sunshine. The first notes are bright and tangy, like freshly cut lemon zest, followed by the sweetness of limoncello liqueur. 

Our fragrance captures not only the essence of limoncello, but also the joyful, sunny atmosphere of the summer French Riviera. It's an invitation to escape to colourful landscapes, to savour every moment with lightness and simplicity.

Whether you're a perfume lover looking for new olfactory experiences or simply a lover of theFrench Riviera and its art of living, this fragrance with its limoncello accord is an ode to the joy, freshness and simple beauty of summer pleasures.


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