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Why travel to Auvergne ?

The beautiful Auvergne, a journey to the heart of the Earth
Auvergne, between mountains and forests
Auvergne is the region in the heart of France. It's often overlooked, but it's full of natural wonders: the Puy mountain range and its sleeping volcanoes, the centuries-old forests that are great places to wander through, and the refreshing waterfalls that you can discover on the hiking trails.
Eden Volcanique
Auvergne, the land of narcissus
NarcisseÂNarcissus grows wild in Auvergne, in the heart of Aubrac, at an altitude of over 1000 metres. It is a white flower with 6 petals, a yellow heart and an orange crown. 
Narcissus has been used in perfumery for a very long time. Narcissus absolute has an intense fragrance. It is a blend of hay and herbaceous notes. The fragrance is slightly earthy and floral.
Auvergne, the native region of Léa, the founder
Auvergne is also the birthplace of Léa, the founder of Poécile. 
“I spent the lockdown period in Auvergne, which was a real return to my roots and I rediscovered the scents of my childhood... It was then that the idea of putting the French countryside in a bottle came to me. Poécile was born” 
Auvergne in a bottle
Can't make it to Auvergne? We've got the solution: (re)discover Auvergne's landscapes from the comfort of your own home thanks to our perfume Eden Volcanique.
Eden Volcanique, is the fragrance that takes you to Auvergne. 
This is a fresh woody fragrance inspired by the mountains and forests of Auvergne and their narcissus. An olfactory journey guaranteed!
And what do we smell?
Pink berries, narcissus, notes of undergrowth and vetiver.
Eden Volcanique 


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