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How to choose my perfume?

Choosing a Poécile perfume means choosing an adventure that goes with you every day. 
At Poécile, we break free from codes, rules and injunctions.

A walk in paris

Rose Lutèce is sensual, chic and sweet, with notes of hot chocolate, croissant, rose and patchouli...


Escape to provence

A soft, cocooning fragrance with notes of fig, jasmine & lavender honey.


Getaway in Brittany

Between land and sea, Bleu Asgard is the marine fragrance of our collection. It will pep you !


Journey to the french riviera

This fragrance is zesty with its citrus notes and sweet with its Calisson notes. It's perfect for a sunny person.


A walk in Auvergne

Eden Volcanique is a green, refreshing fragrance. It's woody with a heart note of narcissus absolute, a white flower from Auvergne.


Next olfactory journey?

We look forward to seeing you in the autumn to discover the next olfactory journey...

Be patient


Here begins your olfactory adventure

Let your senses be the guide

Adopt the perfume that will offer you the most beautiful olfactory experience.

Because we are convinced that perfume has no gender, our fragrances are unisex.

So, choose the destination that makes you dream, that reminds you of something, that offers you a change, that matches your mood, your personality or your desires...

Destination Auvergne, a woody, fresh and comforting journey.

Destination Provence, a floral, sweet and vibrant journey.

Destination the French Riviera, a tangy, refreshing and delicious journey.


Rose Lutèce

Paris awakens. Enjoy the sun's rays over the roofs of the City of Light, offer yourself an opulent bouquet of roses, from which escape scented notes. Fall in love with the call of hot croissants and lovingly savour coffee or hot chocolate. Then walk along the banks of the romantic Seine.

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Escapade parisienne

Perfumers' words

According to Patrice Revillard

Eden Volcanique

"I wanted to capture the landscapes of the Auvergne, with its peaks and the minerality of its volcanic rock...

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According to Marie Schnirer

Hespérides Idylliques

"It was on the Côte d'Azur that I discovered the real fruit, the lemon...


According to Marie Schnirer

Arcadie Florale

"I imagined this fragrance as a painting, with a certain relief...

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Our Perfumers

Marie Schnirer

Perfumer at Maelstrom for Poécile

Her creations for Poécile : Hespérides Idylliques et Arcadie Florale

Born in Paris and passionate about travel, she draws much of her inspiration from her memories. For a long time, her favourite material was the blackcurrant bud, a memory with her mother.  Today she is particularly fond of the rose. So delicate and complex. 

When asked about her favourite region, she replies "I could have answered Provence, the pine trees, the heat, the endless summer evenings, the memories. But I love the Haute-Savoie just as much, the gastronomy, the space, the intoxicating landscapes, the calm and serenity, it's grandiose"

Patrice Revillard

Perfumer at Maelstrom for Poécile

His creations for Poécile : Eden Volcanique

Born in Haute-Savoie, he is passionate about botany. In his work, he brings this passion for plants and the beauty of nature into resonance with his passion for creating, which comes from his attraction to drawing and painting. He loves narcissus absolute, which reminds him of so many scents from his childhood.

When asked about his favourite region, he replies "I'm probably going to sound like a very chauvinistic person, but I'll say it anyway: I love the Haute-Savoie! Otherwise, it's the mineral power of Brittany that seduces me. Probably because it echoes the minerality of my mountains"


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