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The fig in perfumery

The fig, this fleshy fruit with its brilliant colour, is an emblem of the Mediterranean region. 

The fig is used in perfumery, yet its scent cannot be extracted from nature. It is currently impossible to obtain its essence or essential oil. It is therefore reconstituted in a laboratory by combining different essences. The Fig accord usually brings a fruity and sunny touch to perfumes. 

The perfumer can therefore orientate his Fig accord according to his desires and creativity. The fig fragrance can be more vegetal and milky for example. This is how we have worked the fig into our 100% made in France fragrance Arcadie Florale

So, in our perfume Arcadie Florale, we have combined our milky, vegetal fig with a beautiful jasmine and lavender honey accord. Created by the perfumer Marie Schnirer from Maelstrom laboratory, this Provence-inspired boho fragrance will take you through the fields on a summer evening, lulled by the song of the cicadas....

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