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Travel diary

Why travel to Auvergne ?

The beautiful Auvergne, a journey to the heart of the Earth It is often little-known, yet it abounds in natural wonders... the puys chain and its sleepy volcanoes, the centuries-old...

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Valentine's guide

Give her more than a perfume, give her a journey through some of France's most beautiful landscapes! This is your chance to surprise your other half...Not sure what to get?...

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Skins and fragrances

Before we guide you to your next fragrance, let's get down to the basics so you can understand how your skin works and what category it falls into. Your skin...

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Perfume in summer

In summer, we love fresh, fruity fragrances. But with the sun shining, it's important to adoptthe right steps.Discover our 4 tips for summer fragrance...   Tip 1: Moisturise your skin...

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Lemon festival in Menton

The lemon festival was born in 1875 and takes place in the south-east of France. The lemon festival in Menton is a traditional celebration that takes place every winter.  Here...

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The fig in perfumery

The fig, this fleshy fruit with its bright colour, is an emblem of the Mediterranean region. The fig is used in perfumery, yet its scent cannot be extracted from nature...

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