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Fragrances that have neither age nor gender

The evolution of fragrances

For a long time, the perfume industry was subject to rigorous standards, which linked certain fragrances to specific genders and age groups.

Since time immemorial, fragrances have tended to be created and sold with clear differences: floral and light for women, woody and spicy for men. What's more, advertising campaigns and gendered packaging accentuated these differences.

However, this approach evolved in the 1990s with the appearance of fragrances for both men and women. Wear what you love.

And thanks to this evolution, perfumes today are designed to appeal to a wide audience, regardless of gender or age, giving rise to niche fragrances. 

This is why Poécile, offers gender-neutral fragrances, allowing those who love perfume to wear it without worrying about society's ideas.

Mixed and gender-neutral fragrances

The blending of olfactory notes creates a unique perfect balance aimed at blending the two genres. Such as citrus, which brings a universal freshness, followed by woody notes that can be both sophisticated and soothing, with no gender connotation. 

Timeless fragrances also have an important social and cultural influence. They encourage a more inclusive and tolerant approach to beauty and personality. 

Mixed and timeless fragrances offer a unique a wider choice of scents, which makes it possible to find one's true olfactory identity behind a bottle. 

Whether you prefer floral, woody, gourmand, fresh or zesty scents, Poécile offers 5 fragrances to help you find the perfect scent to represent you and help you escape!

spray de parfum

At Poécile, we're committed to offering you fragrances that take you on a journey and give you the opportunity to express your olfactory identity.


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