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Skins and fragrances

Before we guide you to your next fragrance, let's get down to the basics so you can understand how your skin works and what category it falls into.

Your skin acts like a bouquet of flowers, so if you moisturise it sufficiently, it will stay fresh and its scents will last longer. On the other hand, if you neglect these criteria, the bouquet will be at the mercy of drying out and the surrounding unpleasantness. 

There are all types of skin: diaphoretic, dry and combination. These skin types all have their own way of functioning and require their own specific attention and treatment.

As explained above with the example of the bouquet of flowers, your skin is in dire need of constant hydration, whatever your skin type. So don't hesitate to drink a glass of water, and don't hesitate to use moisturisers. (Be careful not to overdo it, though).

So how do we go about choosing our next fragrance?

All our fragrances are highly concentrated, so you can choose the scent you like best! Our fragrances stay on your skin all day long. For the driest skins, don't hesitate to use a cloud of fragrance, and use your clothes to prolong the wear...

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