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Made in France in the spotlight

A determination to be 100% French 

Follow us behind the scenes

Named Poécile, which means titmouse in scientific terms, this little bird will take you all over France to show you where our perfumes are made. 




As far as the fragrance juice is concerned, the first flight is to Paris, where the perfume formula is created. Perfumer noses put into the bottle a desire, an atmosphere, notes that transport you.

Then it's off to Grasse to manufacture the perfume concentrate using the imagined formula. Then it's on to Quimper to carry out tests on the perfume. We make sure that everything is in order and that the perfume can be marketed. 

But making a perfume doesn't stop there !

We imagine the packaging, which is very important because it's what you see first. The journey continues in Guimerville, where the bottles are created. Then there are the labels, made in Olivet, and the packaging to protect the bottle, made in Romagnat. And let's not forget our caps, which are made in a family business in the Jura region, with beechwood exteriors and cork interiors. Which makes them 100% recyclable. 




And finally, the chickadee ends its journey with us! In Saint-Rémy-sur-Durolle, where all the blending is done and the perfume is given its final identity. The bottles are filled with our fragrances, the labels glued on by hand... our perfumes are ready for you ! 



The essence of Poécile is France. Both in the way it's made and in the choice of fragrances, inspired by the regions of France (Côte d'Azur, Provence, Brittany, Auvergne and Paris). Léa, the founder of Poécile, is determined to ensure that the products are Made in France. Highlighting French know-how is the raison d'être of our perfume house. 

You know everything !


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