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3 reasons to succumb to a niche perfume

The trend is towards niche fragrances! They are characterised by their originality and quality. Made and designed with passion, they are unique and exclusive. They offer a personalised olfactory experience. 

Our fragrances capture the essence of many experiences: whether it's the air Whether it's the invigorating sea breeze, the freshness of the mountains or the sunshine of the South, they transport you from one end of France to the other. They are capable of reviving precious memories.

If you're still wondering whether a niche fragrance is right for you, here are 3 reasons to fall for this niche fragrance trend.

1. Do you want to be unique and get compliments on your perfume ?

 Niche fragrances are created in limited quantities, making the people who wear them unique and exclusive. They offer innovative and daring olfactory compositions, often far removed from the scents we are used to smelling in other perfume shops. By choosing a niche perfume, you are guaranteed to be wearing something different and distinctive, reflecting your individuality.

2.Healthy, quality ingredients, better for you and better for the planet ! 

At Poécile, we place great importance on the quality of the ingredients we use and the expertise we apply to each fragrance creation. We often favour precious, natural ingredients, which contributes to more complex, sophisticated fragrances. Narcissus from the Auvergne, grown in our region, is highlighted in our fragrance Eden Volcanique, the fragrance inspired by the forests and mountains of Auvergne. Niche perfumes are the result of meticulous, passionate work, and you can feel it in every spray.

3. Live a new experience !

Wearing a niche perfume is much more than simply applying a fragrance! It's a complete sensory experience. Niche fragrances have a story to tell, an emotion to convey. They can evoke memories, journeys, landscapes, or even abstract emotions. By wearing a niche fragrance, you create a special atmosphere around you, captivating the senses of those around you.


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