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5 tips for preserving your perfume

How do you store your perfume? Here are a few tips on how to store your favourite perfume like a precious treasure.

1. Away from direct light

Light can alter the composition of your perfume. To protect it, choose a cool, dark place. Avoid the temptation to display it proudly on your dressing table in direct sunlight, your perfume prefers the dark!

2. Sheltered from temperature variations

Your fragrance is not an extreme adventurer. Temperature variations can alter its quality. Choose a place with a constant temperature, away from radiators, windows or other sources of sudden heat.

3. In its original box

This box, which sometimes seems superfluous, is in fact a precious ally. It protects your bottle from the elements. Store your perfume in its original box to protect it from the vagaries of its environment.

4. Vertical storage, never horizontal

Store your perfume bottles upright. This prevents the cap from leaking and preserves the integrity of the seal. Your perfume will remain ready to enchant you every time you spray it.

5. Use it regularly

Perfume isn't meant to stay in the bottle forever. Use it regularly to avoid any risk of oxidation. Don't deprive yourself ! 

Remember that each spray is an invitation to a sensory journey, and it would be a shame to deprive your senses of this exquisite experience. So, pamper your bottle, because it cherishes you in return with every intoxicating note.


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