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More than just a spray !

The advice box 

Here are some of our tips to ensure that your fragrance stays with you all day long : 


The "cloud spray" 

First of all, we need to encourage the « cloud spray », in other words, let it settle, not on a specific spot but over a large part of your body. 

Particularly on clothing, such as scarves or the inside of jackets, which will release the scent of the fragrance after each movement. (be generous...)

The fabric fibres will hold the scent for a few more hours....

Note that some materials should be avoided, such as silk and cashmere, which are
highly fragile materials.


Where to apply it ? 

Start by moisturise your skin ! Perfumes don't really like dry skin. Then apply your perfume to your pulse points such as : 

  • Neck, slightly behind the ears
  • In the crook of your elbow
  • In the hollow of the knee
  • On the wrists (don't rub them !) 

Lose the habit of rubbing your wrists when you apply perfume, as this will only serve to diffuse the scent and not develop it. Instead of optimising the scent of the eau de parfum, this habit dissipates the volatile molecules, making it less long-lasting. Tap instead ! 



Another tip : keep your perfume in good condition !

Do not leave in the open air. Close your perfume with its attractive 100% wood and cork bonnet

To preserve the fragrance for as long as possible, it is essential to close the perfume after each use.

It should also be kept away from light and humidity to avoid oxidation reactions, which can give your eau de parfum a sour or rancid odour.




We hope our tips will help you enjoy your fragrances even more !


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