To welcome spring, travel from Provence to Brittany, via Auvergne and – Poécile
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To welcome spring, travel from Provence to Brittany, via Auvergne and Paris, not forgetting the French Riviera

Spring is a magical season when landscapes awaken and the scents of nature fill the air. If you're a traveller looking for unique sensory experiences, why not explore France through its iconic scents? Here are five destinations in France, each offering a distinctive olfactory palette to discover: Brittany, Auvergne, Paris, Provence and the French Riviera.

1. Brittany - Iodised air and sea spray

Brittany, with its wild coastline and steep cliffs, offers a unique fragrance of iodised air and sea spray. As you stroll along the coastal paths, you'll be enveloped by the fresh scent of the Atlantic Ocean, mingled with notes of iodine and seaweed. Take a deep breath and let yourself be transported by the revitalising atmosphere of this coastal region.

2. Auvergne - Volcanoes and narcissi

The Auvergne, land of volcanoes and wide open spaces, offers a fresh woody bouquet inspired by the mountains and forests of the Auvergne, and their narcissi. Venture into the dense forests and verdant valleys and you'll discover the intense scents of the wilderness. Close your eyes and breathe in the pure mountain air of the Auvergne, infused with the woody, invigorating scents of the region.

3. Paris - Garden flowers and hot croissants

The French capital, famous for its elegance and timeless charm, offers a rich and varied olfactory palette in spring. Stroll through the city's iconic gardens, such as the Jardin des Tuileries or the Jardin du Luxembourg, and let yourself be intoxicated by the bewitching scents of the new flowers. Afterwards, stop off at a traditional bakery to savour the mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked croissants.

4. Provence - Fig trees and jasmine in bloom

Provence, with its lush fig trees and fragrant jasmine, offers a captivating springtime sensory experience. Drive along country roads lined with blossoming fig trees, and be intoxicated by their sweet, delicate scent. Explore the local markets, where the stalls overflow with freshly picked jasmine, offering an explosion of fragrances. The air is filled with the symbolic scents of Provence, creating a rich and unique atmosphere to discover on your spring trip.

5. French Riviera - Sunny citrus and Mediterranean flowers

The French Riviera, with its Mediterranean climate and picturesque landscapes, offers a festival of sunny scents in spring. Citrus orchards fill the air with their refreshing, tangy notes, while lush gardens are perfumed by Mediterranean flowers such as jasmine and mimosa. Stroll along the seafront and let yourself be enchanted by the fragrances of this sunny region.

Whether you prefer the iodised air of Brittany, the woody scents of the Auvergne, the flowers of Parisian gardens, the blossoming fig and jasmine trees of Provence or the citrus fruits of the French Riviera, France offers a multitude of fragrant destinations to discover this spring. Let your nose be your guide and discover the olfactory treasures of these emblematic regions.


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