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Perfume, more than a scent: an olfactory journey !

It is through the very special fragrances of our perfumes that the door to a journey opens...


The olfactory adventure begins with a holiday in Provence, punctuated by the song of the cicadas. Characterised by an accord of lavender honey, fig and jasmine, the fragrance Arcadie Florale transports you to the heart of wild flowers. Let yourself be carried away by this soft, sunny and comforting fragrance. 

The journey continues in the South of France, with the inevitable French Riviera : Hespérides Idylliques. Your memories will be imbued with the zesty notes of lemon, bergamot and mandarin, found on the shores of the Côte d'Azur. Added to this are notes of calisson and limoncello, which bring that gourmand sweetness to your skin.

Now it's on to the City of Light with Rose Lutèce. If you remember Parisian breakfasts, this fragrance is the perfect transcription. Smell the hot chocolate with your croissant or baguette and add a hint of rose to abandon yourself in the city of lovers.

Our tour of France and its landscapes continues in Brittany. We've put this region, with its wild coastline, sea spray and green expanses, in a bottle with Bleu Asgard. Its notes of seaweed absolute and minerals take you to the heart of the Atlantic waves. Grapefruit notes bring freshness and energy.

Now we're heading to the Auvergne for a walk in the forest. We invite you to enjoy all that nature has to offer with Eden Volcanique Let yourself be carried away by notes of narcissus, undergrowth and vetiver...


At Poécile, we create more than perfumes, we create olfactory journeys...


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